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Green Frogs

Green frogs can vary in colors and are never dominantly green. They often have a lot of brown on their bodies. The amount of green color on the frogs varies. These frogs have some color changing ability, which adds to it. Sex is easily determined with these frogs. Male frogs have huge eardrums which are larger than their eyes and their throats are yellow in color. Females have an eardrum about the size of their eyes, and have a white throat. Green Frogs are the second largest frog in Michigan, and grow over a few years up to a size of 4 inches long. I have caught a green frog that was five inches long, but that is the largest I have ever seen. Due to their greenish color and large size, they are often mistaken for bullfrogs, which are even bigger (up to whopping 8 inches long). Bullfrogs, although large, are very sensitive to the environment and have also become rare due to harvesting for frog legs. They are a rare sight in Michigan these days. This is sad, since Bullfrogs are a fascinating frog due to their size. They can be over eight inches long, and have been known to eat birds if they can get at them! Green Frogs are, like Bullfrogs, somewhat territorial and males will engage in wrestling fights if they cross the line.

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