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Grey Tree Frogs

Note: Most of these are very large images, so that you can see all the detail in the photo. I have cropped many of these pictures to help reduce the size of the image, but have not resized anything. Most of these pictures are in a ratio of size suitable for desktop backgrounds. (4:3 ratio)

Click a thumbnail to see the full-size image. If you want the full-size image to open in a new window, hold down the shift key when you click on a picture.

Grey tree frogs pop up in odd places, and I have pictures of those sorts of things. I have not yet photographed them in a natural environment. This one was on a sidewalk by the garage.

Grey tree frogs can climb, and sometimes you can see them clinging to a window in the early morning. This one is on a door frame.

Although green, this is also a grey frog. This one was found in a bird nest box.

Another shot of the one in a bird box.

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