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Who Is The Author of This Site?

The interface and content of this website, including the Historic Bridges of Michigan and Elsewhere Page is the work of Nathan Holth.

You may contact Nathan Holth by clicking here.

About pcnate Planet

pcnate Planet is my (Nathan Holth) personal site. This is my place to get what is important to me out into the world. The thing that is most important to me, and therefore is the largest part of this site, is historic bridge awareness. Few people realize how special these bridges are and how fast they are disappearing. The hope is that people who visit this site leave with at least the knowledge of what is going on with historic bridges. The historic bridge page is what inspired me to move out of free Geocities and get my own domain through Fortune City. The photos in the bridge page take up much more space than is given to you for free in Geocities.

Want Bigger Versions of Photos On This Site?

I would be glad to provide you with the original full-size version of any of my photos, straight from my digital camera. They average around a megabyte per picture, and are in JPG format. Many of my bridge and frog pictures might look great on a desktop, and I do not want to deny my website visitors that privilege, but my collection is too big to upload every image I have! I have over 25 CDs with bridge photos!  So, if you want a photo in full size, email me and I will either email you a copy or upload it temporarily to this website and post a link so you can download it.

What Camera Do I Use To Take My Pictures?

My First Camera - Now Retired:

Canon Powershot S230 Digital Elph. It is a 3.2 MegaPixel camera with 2X optical zoom. It was the smallest sized camera I could find with decent abilities and features. I have been very pleased with how well it works, with one exception. The exception is that it takes a nonstandard lithium ion cartridge battery. This means you can't use standard AA or AAA batteries. Since I am often on the road for long periods of time and taking lots of pictures, I have had to buy several of these batteries. And at $40 a battery, it is not a very good deal. Cost: Around $400, not including cards and batteries.

My Current Camera:

Konica-Minolta Dimage Z3. It is a 4 MegaPixel camera with 12X optical zoom. I sacrificed small size for the awesome zoom that this camera has. I decided I needed the zoom to allow me to get details on bridges that I would otherwise have to climb to get to. Plus, this camera also has a super-macro mode in addition to the standard macro mode, which lets you get up to a half inch from your subject. I have used this for my latest frog photos, and they turned out great. As if that were not enough, it also has a stabilizer, which keeps pictures from becoming blurry in low light. It really helps, and I am less crippled by rainy or dark weather when photographing bridges. It also uses AA batteries, so I don't have to buy those dumb cartridge batteries. Cost: Around $950.

About My Hosting Service

My site is hosted by Fortune City. The plan I currently have gives me 1gb of disk space and 20 email addresses. They charge $80 per year for this package. Domain registration charges are separate, but are still done through Fortune City.

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