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Welcome to the Interway Authority Web Site! The Interway Authority, which is managed by pcnate, is responsible for the building and management of the largest transportation network in AWTeen. AWTeen is a huge virtual world in the Active Worlds 3D Virtual Reality Chat Universe. In AWTeen, you can build pretty much anything you want using thousands of available objects. The Interway Expressway and Trunk Line Road System is the network of roads that I have built in AWTeen. If you wish to explore this vast world, you will need the Active Worlds Browser.

If you have the Active Worlds Browser installed, you can click here to teleport to the Info-Center, where you will find the virtual-reality Info Center version of this webpage.

AWTeen Astart Stoplight Construction Tutorial - If you have been on Broadsword Highway and want to know how to build stoplights like I built there, this is a tutorial that will help you.

Interway Authority Road and Expressway Information Pages

Click on a button to visit the corresponding page. Please note that due to the way the expressways are built in AWTeen, that, for instance, Northway 1500 and Southway 1500 are really both the same expressway, with the Northway going North of the equator, and Southway going south of the equator. Therefore, both these buttons will lead to the same webpage. This holds true for the 940 system and the 2700 system as well.

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