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Articles and Solutions:

These are a collection of problems and solutions that I have discovered and learned. Also note: I hate paying for software. I hate people who say software is free when it is not. Any software referenced on this page is either free, or is available in a free version that will do what I am saying it will do on this page.

Everyone Complains That Their Computer Is Slow - Have you checked for Adware and Spyware? Have you cleaned out your temp files? Have you been blocking popups? I have a list of programs that help do these things, which I use on my computer and have served me well. This article discusses them, as well as a couple other loose performance tips.

Hey, I found a free download manager that does not have spyware!

Stopping Messenger Popups On Windows XP - Correcting a massive security/privacy vulnerability that is not fixed by using Windows Update.

FileSplit - A Simple, free, and effective way to make large files span floppies, flash memory cards, pen drive, key chain drives etc. Also useful for splitting large internet downloads on your website.

Why I use Internet Explorer - (And why you should consider it as well)

Computer Humor - Now that your computer is working, you can sit back and laugh about computers for a bit.

Internet Explorer Tip: In Internet Explorer type, say, Microsoft or any .com domain name and press "CTRL+Enter" and Internet Explorer will put the www. and the .com in for you.

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