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Net Leech

Real freeware, without the spyware and adware!

It took me over two years, but I finally found a download manager that works, works well, and works for free. It has no spyware or adware. It senses Internet Explorer clicks very well (I have had a couple times where it won't go, but not often), even those ones that redirect you. I have been using version 2.1.1, which is completely free. They have recently release a 3.0 version, which still has a freeware mode, but there is a link on the main screen that allows you to switch over to an "Ultimate Mode" so you can preview the paid version. Therefore, since 3.0 is still free, but is a sort of IntimidationWare, I am offering downloads for the free-only 2.1.1 version and the dual-version 3.0.

Download Net Leech 2.1.1

Download Net Leech 3

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