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Interway (IW) 7 is the lower belt that works with the 1500 and the 940 systems and IW-6 to form a circle around the heart of AWTeen. In addition, IW-7 extends west of Southway 1500 to the 3000W mark, to link a build by Sk8Freak to the Interway System. A portion of this IW-7 segment is a prototype roadway where my initial testing for a custom-built road was conducted. It looks better the grstreet1 but is still a bit primitive looking.

Teleports to Places of Interest

Many links in this page will allow you to teleport to the location in active worlds. (Active Worlds Browser Required) Where thumbnails are displayed, you can click on the image to see the full view.


This takes you to where the IW-7 begins.

Evolution (Landmark Bridge):

Evolution Bridge is a Landmark Cable-Stayed Bridge. There are numerous different configurations of cable-stayed bridges; this one has two towers, with parallel cables on each side of the roadway.

Perception Road Exit:

This exit is a unique and innovative one, using an "L" shaped overpass to fit the exit in around the nearby builds and land-cover.

Fort Road Exit:

This exit and surrounding expressway was the first Interway Expressway that was built using a custom roadway. The design is not perfectly Interstate accurate but is better than grstreet.

Shadow Road Exit:

This bridge has is the first of a new guardrail style and also is the first of a new support style. In addition, each concrete part of the bridge is a different texture, which makes the bridge look more "real."

New Trinity Exit:

This is an arch bridge overpass. It has no cross bracing. Although I have not seen it used as an expressway overpass, this is based on a real world bridge. Compared to the average overpass, it is very aesthetic.

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