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The Northway 1500 and Southway 1500 are really a single expressway whose purpose is to carry travelers through the eastern half of AWTeen. I have tried to build the 1500 expressways as close to U.S. Interstate standards as possible. Mainly, this means that overpasses on these expressways will look like overpasses commonly seen on U.S. Interstates. Also, the 1500 system provides access to some of the largest builds and cities in AWTeen, including ParkHaven, Bonzai City, Cecil City 2, AWTeen Map, and Ptolemyland. Sections of the 1500 system are being converted to custom-built roadway. Just like a resurfacing project in the real world, these are only for short stretches of roadway, rather than the whole expressway. The 1500 System also attempts to be as realistic as possible, in terms of construction and exit placement. The road widens at areas where there are many builds, to simulate a busy area. Also, larger access roads branching off lead to larger builds. Finally, since realism is a big goal of the 1500 system, you will find the Interway's most detailed and realistic landmark bridges on this expressway. The 1500 System is very close to having a frequency of exits and road signage to justify it's being considered complete.

The Northway 1500 runs from 0N to 3000N, while trying to stay as close to the 1500E line as possible. Northway 1500 is considered complete. All exits are are completely built, and include detailed signage. Plans to resurface Northway 1500 with custom-roadway are planned, however, along with the addition of rest-stops and more exits. Northway 1500 is hands down the most detailed of the Interway Expressways. Much of it is custom-built roadway, and signage is also very detailed.

Teleports to Places of Interest

Many links in this page will allow you to teleport to the location in active worlds. (Active Worlds Browser Required) Where thumbnails are displayed, you can click on the image to see the full view.

Northway 1500:

This takes you to where the Northway 1500 begins.

Blue Water Bridge (Landmark Bridge):

The Interway Authority's greatest treasure, Blue Water Bridge is a model of a continuous tied arch bridge built in Port Huron, MI. It is a very detailed and accurate landmark bridge.

Parkhaven Highway Interchange:

This massive and detailed overpass sports custom-road template. The overpass carries four lanes of traffic in each direction. The interchange is a basic cloverleaf style.

Eastway 2700 Interchange 2:

This is a variation of the clover interchange which is known as the trumpet style. It is here that the Eastway 2700, which is cosigned with Northway 1500 for a short time splits away from the Northway 1500 and continues eastward.

Electric Highway Overpass:

This overpass has an attractive arch-shape which models a design seen on parts of I-75 in Michigan. The bridge type in tech-terms is a curved t-beam bridge.

Bonzai Road Overpass:

This overpass is an unusual double-overpass that goes over both the expressway and a road built by Sk8Freak.

Northway 1500 Tunnel:

This structure carries Northway 1500 traffic under an s-tunnel. The Interway Authority demolished a low-detail overpass at this location and built this tunnel after determining that improving the overpass would be more work than designing a tunnel, due to the height of the s-tunnel object. The structure is not overly advanced, but is one of only two tunnels on the Interway System. The other tunnel was not even built by me, see Southway 1500 for info.

Michigan Road Overpass:

This overpass very accurately models an overpass style often seen on Michigan expressways. A bunch of info about this overpass is available on the road before the overpass. Also near this exit on Michigan Road is a curved-chord through girder bridge. This is a small concrete arch-shaped bridge that models a type of bridge that was developed in the state of Michigan in the 1920s and was pretty much used only in Michigan.

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