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Northway 940 is the oldest of the Interways in terms of when it was built, and in terms of the bridge styling I used. It boasts a wide variety of overpass styles, often from an older expressway era. Most overpasses feature Lattice Guardrails. The Northway 940 runs from 0N to 3000N, while trying to stay as close to the 940W line as possible. Northway 940 is considered complete. There are, however several improvements that could be made to it in the future, as a result of my improved AW skills.

Northway 940 and Southway 940 are really all one north-south expressway connected by a short east-west expressway called the Midway. I was unable to end Southway 940 where Northway 940 begins because of other people's builds being in the way.

Teleports to Places of Interest

Many links in this page will allow you to teleport to the location in active worlds. (Active Worlds Browser Required) Where thumbnails are displayed, you can click on the image to see the full view.

Northway 940:

This takes you to where the Northway 940 begins.


This takes you to the very short Midway expressway, which connects the Northway 940 and Southway 940.

Fate Bridge (Landmark Bridge):

Fate Bridge is a basic suspension bridge. It is the first true landmark bridge I built. This suspension bridge is small so you can see the main span from a distance well.

Platinum City Exit:

This highly detailed overpass and exit is detailed right down to the pond that workers dig to get the dirt for the bridge approach. This is a highly maintained exit with lots to see, including a gas station, and Blue Moon Village.

2700/940 Interchange:

A very large clover-leaf interchange of Northway 940 and Westway 2700.

m914/Northway Interchange:

A standard clover-leaf interchange.

Northgate Bridge:

Steel Warren Through Truss. One of my first attempts at a bridge more complex than an overpass. This bridge has been recently restored to help protect its dignity (and mine)  Location: Northway 940 Off-Ramp

Lonely Bridge:

Rusted Historic Through Pratt Truss Bridge. Fictional story behind this bridge: Once serving as a country truss bridge, it now has been converted into a overpass.

Wishwater Bridges:

These two bridges have railings that look like those seen on a bridge in downtown Columbus, Ohio. They are small bridges carrying the expressway over a river.

The Trench:

This short stretch of Northway 940 is lower than the surrounding land so that overpasses don't take up as much space. This simulates an older technique of making expressways fit through a city.

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