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Trunk Line Roads

The Authority's Trunk Line Roads

These trunk line (major) roads are roads and highways that are not part of the Interway Expressway System, yet are still managed by the Interway Authority. All these roads connect to an Interway Expressway at some point, even if by yet another road.

Click on the name of a road to teleport to that road (Active Worlds Browser Required)

2 940 Road:

This important route is the closest to a GZ access road the Interway Authority has. Starting near the beginning of the Northway 940,it ends up at around 150N 2W at North Rd, which is owned by Lord Perception. North Rd leads to about 22N 0W, which is just outside the GZ boundary. BTW, 2 940 Rd's name comes from the idea that it is a "Road Leading To Northway 940" This road was named when I was a tourist, so I was a bit secretive. :)

Cecil Road:

This short divided highway leads from Southway 1500 to Cecil City 2, and an old GZ bot-copy by Bonzai

Cedar Road:

Cutting a corner from IW-7 to Southway 940, and ending a bit further west at Division Road, this road takes travelers to Cedar Grove (Nice Western-Themed Town) and Perseus Village. It also gives Southway 940 access to Division Road.

Digital-Nexus Road:

This east-west road is a way for Southway 1500 travelers to visit a bunch of interesting and detailed builds along the 1350S area. Also, the Interway overpass is unique and highly detailed and worth a visit as well.

Division Road:

This road runs diagonal most of its length near the absolute southwest diagonal, and ends at the Object Freeway. It has several roads that branch off of it. These roads lead to large builds like Trinor and Incendium City. (Teleport to Object Fwy Exit)

Electric Road:

This road leads to AWTeen Town, an old, and quite messy city packed with the earlier builds of people like Lord Perception, and Kmissile583K. It also leads to some interesting builds by Ptolemy, including his own city Ptolemyland.

Empire Highway:

This large road runs North/South from IW-6 to IW-7 at an average of 550E.

Fort Road:

This road runs from the just before the eastern extreme of IW-7 to Sk8Freak's large and detailed army-base build. This roadway is a custom-designed roadway, which is very realistic looking, and well worth a visit.

Ghost Road:

This road travels north of IW-6 for a short while through an area thick with builds. It features an imaginative truss bridge along the way.

Imperial Road:

This East-West road positioned west of Southway 940, runs from Division Road, to Imperial Arena, a build by Sk8Freak.

Legacy Road:

Running along a diagonal of heavy-building, this road cuts a huge corner of IW-6 and Northway 1500. It features well-signed access to builds both old and new, and of all levels of detail and skill.

Legion Road:

This road provides near-GZ access to IW-7, as it runs in an overall south-east direction from an area about 100 coords from GZ.

Lonely Road:

This road runs along the extreme north of AWTeen, starting at about 1504W and takes a sharp turn South at 0W and terminates at the Kushan Highway. This was my first non-expressway road I ever built, and was originally built when I was a tourist.

Marco Polo Road:

This road connects 2 940 Road to IW-6 and travels through an area that has several small, old towns, and other old builds that offer a glimpse at the building methods of the past years of AW.

Median Way Expressway:

This expressway is a failed attempt to make an expressway that follows the AWTeen Median (0W) It is very short, and begins at IW-6 and ends a ways north, where it turns into a two lane road (Platinum Road) that winds it's way northwest and ends a ways past the Northway 940.

Michigan Road:

This is a short road that branches off of the Northway 1500. It was built mainly to showcase a model of a overpass design often seen in Michigan. It is, however well signed and leads to several builds, including two well built RPG towns.

Moonlight Highway:

This short highway connects IW-7 with Moonlight Heights a bit north, and ends at Lannister Highway. This former Interway Trunk Line is now managed by AlexTheMartian, who rebuilt it using the Interway Authority Standard Custom-Roadway Template Plan.

New Valley Road:

This road leads to the southern areas of ParkHaven and also leads to the Tulsa City Ruins, which is one citizen's way of making the best of a part-tourist town that was attacked by deleters.

Object Freeway:

Most of this long and mostly straight highway leads west from Southway 940 to AWTeen's main Object Yard. It is the Interway Authority's first "custom-built" road surface, with dirt shoulders, concrete surface, and white dotted median lines.


This divided highway takes Northway 1500 travelers to the AWTeen Map. Now that Ptolemy no longer is the owner of the map, this highway is a sort of memorial to the hard work he put in for AWTeen.

Riverton Road:

This very long road runs from the southern part of Southway 940 to a tiny town I built in the west. The town, called Riverton is currently unoccupied, but of interest is the five different historic truss bridges I built in it.

Starship Highway and Cahalane Rd:

Starship Highway is a large road that runs southward down from IW-7. It takes travelers to a couple big cities in this area. Calahane Rd is a two-lane road that branches off and leads two two Star-Trek ships built by Calahane, hence the names.

Storm Road:

This long and straight road leads to Sailor Storm Builds, which is a very large assortment of things built by Sailor Storm. Along the way, a nuclear test facility by Sk8Freak is accessible.

Tourist Memorial Road:

This highway is another way to get to 2 940 Road. This road, like Northway 940, was originally built when I was a tourist, and was deleted along with another tourist's build in the area. When I registered, I rebuilt the road under its current name.

Tyrion Road:

This road branches off of Division Road. It's two notable purposes are Trinor City and Pineriver City Access.

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