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The Westway 2700 runs from 0W to 3000W, while trying to stay as close to the 2700N line as possible.

The Westway 2700 and Eastway 2700 are really a single expressway whose purpose is to carry travelers through the far North of AWTeen. These expressways do not currently offer travelers much, since they travel through unsettled territory! The hope with these expressways is that the cities will build up around the expressways rather than the other way around.

Teleports to Places of Interest

Many links in this page will allow you to teleport to the location in active worlds. (Active Worlds Browser Required) Where thumbnails are displayed, you can click on the image to see the full view.

Westway 2700:

This takes you to where the Westway 2700 begins.

Goliath Bridge (Landmark Bridge):

This massive landmark suspension bridge does not have an accurate main cable curve but is worth seeing due to it's size!

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