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Landscape Photos

All of these photos are in 2048x1536 size and can be up to a megabyte in size.

Click a thumbnail to see the full-size image. Hold down the shift key while clicking on a thumbnail if you want the image to open in a new window.

I stopped and shot this cool sunrise one morning. It only looked this cool for about a minute, before I had a chance to get the ugly power lines out of the way. You could use a photo editor to smudge the lines out if you wanted. I am too lazy!

Another shot of the above sunrise, zoomed in a bit.

The sun rises over Lake Huron, in Port Huron, Michigan.

The sun decided to act like a pillar of fire one morning, it was very cold this morning, I think there must have been ice crystals or something in the air to cause this unusual event.

This is the same event as above, about 5-10 minutes later. The pillar shape is much more defined now. It almost looks like an explosion, which is ironic since the sun is rising in the direction of a big industrial chemical valley just south of Sarnia, Ontario. This picture was taken a bit west of Port Huron, MI

A pretty winter scene of the moon early in the morning.

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