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Snake Photos

Note: These are all full-size images. I did not resize any of the images, so that no detail is lost. As a result, image sizes are high, and can be up to a megabyte in size.

Click a thumbnail to see the full-size image. If you want the full-size image to open in a new window, hold down the shift key when you click on a picture.

I found this snake in April, laying in the middle of a dirt road. April is a bit early for snakes.

It had buried its head as it warmed itself on the road.

My super-macro mode on my camera is like a magnifying glass, allowing this up close view of the scales.

When I touched the snake to see if it was alive, it popped its head up.

This picture turned out well, and is my favorite picture of all these here.

A different angle.

Laying in the road lets the snake get warm, but is extremely dangerous, for obvious reasons.

Perhaps because the early spring weather in the 60s was cold to the snake, it was quite tame, and let me pick it up, move it off the road, and take some pictures of it while being held.

What are you looking at?

Another head-on view.

Might not be so cute looking if you were a very small frog.

Side of the face.

Laying on my jeans.

Laying on the ground.

Full view of the snake off of the road.

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