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My Tidbits and and Comments About pcnate Planet

About the Planet:

First off, the "p" is meant to be lower case in the logo, and in my screen name. It just looks better that way. the "pc" is in reference to my interest in computers. the "nate" is in reference to my name. "Planet" was chosen because my website is a single website containing a variety of diverse content. The former name of pcnate Planet was dumb and immature: Natesoft. In summary, pcnate Planet is my personal webpage containing stuff that is important to me. While being geared to things that interest me, I have tried to make the content interesting and useful to people who are not me. I welcome any comments and suggestions concerning my website. Email me at pcnate@email.com.

pcnate Planet Historical Stuff:

In 2004, pcnate Planet was revamped with a green-blue thematic interface, which featured a Road-Sign theme for the headers of each section. The reason for this was that the interface needed to be streamlined, coordinated and original. Before that, the main logo for pcnate Planet was a laser background with green text, as pictured below.

pcnate Planet used to be called Natesoft, and was a site that tried to be a sort of Internet Resource, sort of like Yahoo. This was too large of a project, so I downsized and refined my goals when I created pcnate Planet. Natesoft  had a dark color scheme, with near-black backgrounds, and light, colored text.

(Above) This is an old logo for pcnate Planet that was designed to resemble the old Natesoft logo (Below) In the below section, you can see that there was once an Altoid fan page, and a Wheel of Time fan page. The former was stupid, and the later was too much work.

pcnate Planet is designed and tested for the latest version of Internet Explorer. Why not use it? Its free, simple, fast, and whether you use it or not it is already taking up disk space on your Windows machine. Don't like popups? Go to http://www.endpopups.com. This is a good, free popup program that will not slow your machine. It is spyware and adware free.

However, I have run this site on some other major browsers including Netscape, Mozilla (Which is basically Netscape) and Opera, with no major problems.

pcnate Planet designed by pcnate Webdesign. Interface Version: 3.5

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