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Interway (IW) 6 is the upper belt that works with the 1500 and the 940 systems and IW-7 to form a circle around the heart of AWTeen.

Teleports to Places of Interest

Many links in this page will allow you to teleport to the location in active worlds. (Active Worlds Browser Required) Where thumbnails are displayed, you can click on the image to see the full view.

IW-6 Begins:

This takes you to where the IW-6 begins.

Grieving Bridge (Landmark Bridge):

This bridge is the longest and most complex bridge the Interway Authority has ever built. The bridge is so big in fact, that you will be unable to view the whole bridge at full 200m visibility. It is the second best bridge I have ever built, second only to the Blue Water Bridge, on Northway 1500. Consisting of seven simple-span through parker truss approaches and one massive cantilever main span, Grieving Bridge is certainly worth a visit.

Legacy Road Overpass and Exit:

This excellently signed exit, is a one-span curved beam bridge. Although it is not a second-generation overpass like Object Freeway overpasses, it introduces several new ideas and methods of construction.

Median Way Interchange:

This interchange has an unusual layout due to the limited space I had to work with.

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